Decor style based on the location of the home

Create your own home from scratch has its greatest difficulties at the beginning of the process: whether to choose the home of your life is without doubt one of the hardest decisions, determine the decorative style of it is also sometimes really difficult.

Although it will be your taste and your own personality that end up dictating the style of your decor, we practice an idea that your home will also be a more harmonious and consistent with its environment: in decoration choice function the location of your home.

Are you the countryside, beach or city? Be where your home meets, because we tell you what styles are you most!

– Costa : Full of light, fresh air and good vibrations, these homes should look bright and cheerful atmosphere throughout the year. Although the style sailor would be one of our favorites for decorating holiday apartments, in the case of a residence is the best bet for the interiors of pristine white or very light colors as is the case with Ibiza style.

– Field or Mountain : No doubt that is the style rustic par excellence of this type of households, but increasingly also committed styles are less rustic and charming as they are for example the interiors cottage type or vintage styles more delicate where classical and rustic wooden furniture shabby white stain (and worn) carefully designed to give a touch of elegance and old.

– City : Most styles fit into the decor of city apartments, but probably the most contemporary which bear the greater role. And what are these? For some, like the minimalist, avant-garde, the Scandinavian, urban and even the type vintage chic touches.